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High school athlete in Wyoming comes out in remarkable text to friends and family

High school athlete in Wyoming comes out in remarkable text to friends and family

On his Twitter account this week, high school junior Dawson Roscoe tweeted: ‘It’s almost been 5 months since i came out h o l y d a n g.’

Roscoe, who lives in Casper, Wyoming, is a track and field athlete had decided over the summer to no longer hie the fact that he is bisexual to his family and friends and in the middle of the night, texted them the following remarkable coming out letter.

Hey… it’s dawson typing here with a random announcement haha.

Just wanted to say to my friends and distant family that i like guys and like girls; that I see a person for who they are and all their delightful qualities not based on whether his or her gender and how I honestly couldn’t be happier finally saying it that I’m bisexual.

I would have just told people one at a time in person but then I realized I would have to explain it 24/7 and that would be exhausting. I understand I will no matter what but I feel it was right to. I’ve held these feelings in for wayyyy too long. Longer than the normal person should hold a secret. I noticed that people come in and out of your life for a reason and how me liking guys as well could be a big deal to some of my friendships. Well would those people really count as friends if they wouldn’t accept me for me and remember why we are amiable and warm in the first place? That’s for them to decide.

You can either go up or down in life and I’m choose to go up where greater and higher opportunities lie. I’d like to remain and hopefully get better in athletics and in choir throughout high school and – if I choose to – in college. I didn’t intend to write this or even come out as a junior but I felt there was never going to be a perfect time.

Many ignorant and delayed people still exist in this world and I feel like I should make an effort to address that it’s alright to be different from the crowd. I have definitely faced adversity for being biracial and not always following the crowd so I expect ill reactions from some individuals. I would just like to say, "Hey, it’s 2014 and the world is forever changing and I’d rather get things off my chest before time goes by before I can."

Just let me and other people in life be happy and let them like whomever they please. Don’t stop them.

Thanks again to those who read this and my special friends and family for the support.

God bless.


The teen spoke with Outsports this week about his life since the big text and reports that he has found overwhelming support.

‘It has changed my life in so many positive ways and made living life easier as a student and athlete,’ he says. ‘People from my team know, which is nice. And I haven’t heard anything negative so far.

‘I have no idea if my coach knows, but he has appreciated my running abilities from day one, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.’