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WATCH: Hillary Clinton demands Trump take action on Chechnya gay concentration camps

She also warned of the Trump administration's rollback on LGBTI rights

WATCH: Hillary Clinton demands Trump take action on Chechnya gay concentration camps
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Hillary Clinton blasted President Trump for his LGBTI track record

Hillary Clinton slammed the Trump administration on its LGBTI policies and warned of a possible rollback.

The former presidential hopeful also called President Trump out on his silence on gay and bi men being tortured, killed, and detained in a concentration camp in Chechnya.

‘In recent weeks we’ve heard terrifying accounts from Chechnya of gay and bisexual men being taken from their homes and families, tortured, even killed,’ she said.

‘And when government authorities were confronted with these reports, their response was chilling. They said: “You cannot arrest or repress people who do not exist”.

Demanding the US government take action and ‘demand an end of the persecution of innocent people across the world’, Clinton painted a bleak picture of what may be to come for LGBTI people.

‘I think we have to face the fact that we may not ever be able to count on this administation to lead on LGBT issues,’ she said.

Clinton spoke during a fundraising dinner for The Center, an LGBTI community organization in New York City.

In her speech, Clinton also openly blasted President Trump’s 100-day track record on LGBTI issues.

‘We’ve learned something important,’ Clinton said.

‘That the progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we’ve celebrated and maybe even taken for granted, may not be as secure as we once expected.’

She listed a number of controversial moves President Trump made, including dropping the base for Gavin Grimm’s landmark SCOTUS case on trans students’ bathroom rights.

‘When this administration rescinded protections for transgender students, my heart broke,’ Clinton said.

‘When I learned about the proposed cuts in funding for HIV and AIDS research, I thought about all of our efforts to try and achieve an AIDS-free generation.’

Clinton heavily criticized the nomination of Mark Green, whom she described as an ‘outspoken opponent’ of the LGBTI community, as Secretary of the Army.

Green said opposing trans equality was part of his effort to ‘crush evil’.

When someone interrupted her yelling ‘2020’, Clinton called on people to not wait until the next Presidential Elections, but to make their voice heard in the midterm elections next year.

‘I really believe it’s a good way to remind ourselves, when you feel a little down,’ she said.

‘When a good friend or a loved one says “quit yelling at the television set”, just remember: we need to resist, insist, persist, and enlist and make sure our voices and our votes count.’

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