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WATCH: Hillary Clinton joins Seth Meyers to mock Fox News

WATCH: Hillary Clinton joins Seth Meyers to mock Fox News

Seth Meyers joined by Hillary Clinton and writers Amber and Jenny

Late night hose Seth Meyers understands, as a straight, white man, he’s not the most appropriate person to tell every joke.

That’s where the segment of Late Night with Seth Meyers aptly titled ‘Jokes Seth Can’t Tell’ comes in.

The host is joined by two of his writers — Amber and Jenny — so he deliver the joke’s set-up and they can nail the punchline.

‘The late astronaut Sally Ride recently became the first lesbian to be made into a Lego figure,’ Meyers begins.

Jenny finishes: ‘While the rest of lesbians will have to settle for having a Lego figure.’

However, when the jokes get ‘really specific,’ Amber and Jenny call in a friend — none other than Hillary Clinton.

She walks out to roaring applause and then Meyers sets up her first joke: ‘According to a recent article, chardonnay is making a comeback.’

Clinton responds with a knowing nod: ‘And they said I wouldn’t be able to create jobs.’

Finally, they went after Fox News.

‘According to a recent report, koalas may be extinct by the year 2040,’ he says.

‘And according to Fox News, that’s my fault,’ Clinton says decidedly.

The whole segment is definitely funny and worth a watch.

Watch Hilly Clinton joke with Seth Meyers: