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Holiday gift ideas from LGBTI businesses that you can order online now

Holiday gift ideas from LGBTI businesses that you can order online now

Pride socks with added rainbow pizzaz!

Not done any shopping for the holidays yet? Why brave the high street and hordes of holiday shoppers when you can do it all from home?

Here are some LGBTI-friendly businesses and products you can online today. Don’t leave it to the last minute!

Enamel 'bondage boy' pins from Pansy Ass Ceramics
@pansyassceramics | Instagram

Pansy Ass Ceramics

Pansy Ass Ceramics was founded by Kris Aaron and Andy Walker in the summer of 2015. The duo specialize in taking vintage ceramics and pottery and customizing it with a queer flavor.

Recently, they’ve branched out into more custom-made items. We love the ‘Yass Kween’ plates, bondage boy pins and limited-edition ‘Cock Sucker’ ornamental bananas!

An ornamental banana from Pansy Ass Ceramics
@pansyassceramics | Instagram

Philip Normal

One of our favorite London designers is Philip Normal. He specializes in customized T-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts, such as this ‘Off Duty Drag Queen’ design (£17.95 – approx. $23.88 Or €20.18). If you can’t make it to his Brixton store to gift browse, he sells via Etsy.

Philip Normal sleeveless 'Off Duty Drag Queen' T-shirt
Philip Normal sleeveless T-shirt (Image: Philip Normal)

Gato Pollo

Looking for some bespoke ceramic art? London-based Gato Pollo make queer-flavored ceramic products, including cups, plates and tiles. This recent work features femme fatale embracing figures (£15 for a plate – approx. $19.96 Or €16.85).

Other work includes ceramic, queer lube and condom containers. Recent projects include screen-printing faces on to handmade ceramic tiles. Check out the range on Etsy.

A Gato Pollo ceramic plate
A Gato Pollo ‘femme fatale’ ceramic plate (Image: Gato Pollo)

Nik Kacy

Los Angeles-based Nik Kacy began creating shoes with a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. They are possibly the world’s only trans designer of ‘gender-equal’ shoes, with all designs available in both traditional men’s and women’s sizes. We love the desert boots, available in five different colors, which at the time of going to press were on sale for $300 (€253) a pair.

A Nik Kacy gender-neutral desert boot
A Nik Kacy gender-neutral desert boot (Image: Nik Kacy)

Pretty in plaid

JC RT is a fashion brand run by a couple of big old bears in Brooklyn, New York: partners Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra.

A model wears a JCRT plaid shirt
A model wears a JCRT plaid shirt (Image: JCRT)

Fashionista describe them as ‘original cuddly hipsters of the fashion world’. They produce a range of plaid shirts in various, tailored fittings, as well as suspenders and ties. Shirts retail approximately $125 (€106), and styles include ‘My Own Private Idaho’ and ‘Blade Runner’.

Plaid shirts from JCRT
@jcrtny | Instagram

Massive Goods

We love Massive Goods. It showcases the artwork of a range of Japanese artists, including many bara illustrators (gay erotic manga).

A Jiraiya notebook - $10 (Image: Massive Goods)
Jiraiya notebook – $10 (Image: Massive Goods)

One of its most popular is Jiraiya – everything from $10/€8 notebooks to $68/€57 leggings. A new addition to the Massive range are the Shibari T-shirts (below – $60/€51).

A Shibari T-shirt by Massive Goods
Shibari T-shirt in black (Image: Massive Goods)

Pride Socks

Based in Austin, Texas, Pride Socks – surprise, surprise – produces socks with rainbow patterns (among other designs).

Best-sellers include under-the-knee tube socks ($8.50/€7), and the Argyle Magic men’s casual business socks ($12/€10).

A model wears Pride Socks
@pridesocks | Instagram

Tell someone they are loved

The It Gets Better project teamed up with Sia to launch a clothing competition last month. They asked entrants to submit a design answering the question: ‘What does chosen family mean to you?’ The winning design came from 18-year-old Kelly from Knoxville, Tennessee, who said, chosen family means three simple words: you are loved.

The It Gets Better/Sia limited edition T-shirt
The It Gets Better/Sia limited edition T-shirt (Image: It Gets Better)

The You Are Loved T-shirt and sweatshirt are available between now and 5 December only. Proceeds go to the It Gets Better project, which helps LGBT youth. T-shirts start at $25.99 (approx. €21.94).

Maison Ten

Maison Ten opened in 2016 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The New York store – run by husbands Tom Blackie and Henri Myers sells a limited number of unique, designer products – bags, books, rare fragrances, art, homeware and more besides.

The Jax Black bracelet from Maison Ten
Jax Black bracelet – $175 (Image: Maison Ten)

The name is inspired by the fact that 10% of all profits goes to charity – including Opening Doors London and Sage – two non-profits helping LGBT seniors. It also sells only ten different products of ten different lines at any one time (a maximum of 100 items at any one time).

The 'Dalmation Vase' from Maison Ten
Dalmation vase – $ 85 (Image: Maison Ten)

Current products include this Jax Black leather bracelet ($175/€148) and Dalmatian well vase ($85/€72). Check out the entire range at

Tom of Finland

Whether you’ve been a fan for years or were turned on to the iconic, late artist by this year’s movie biopic, the official Tom of Finland store has plenty of goodies for grabs.

The Tom of Finland 2017 holiday ornament
The Tom of Finland 2017 limited-edition holiday ornament (Photo: Tom of Finland Foundation)

How about the official Tom of Finland 2017 tree ornament (pictured above – limited edition of 200 for $28/€24 each)? Or Tom of Finland bed linen, posters, cards, silver belt buckles, T-shirts, jewelry, tote bags and much more.

'Boy Smells' sandalwood candle from the Tom of Finland store
‘Boy Smells’ sandalwood candle (Image: Tom of Finland)

Set the right atmosphere in your playroom with a ‘Boy Smells sandalwood and clove’ candle! ($29/€24.50).


One of the best online retailers for stylish men’s clothing and accessories is Differio. Jeans, sneakers, sweaters, coats, shoes and grooming products and much, much more. We love the owl-shaped backpack ($39/€33) by designer Cesare Marimekko, and the new camo ankle boots ($59.90/€51) – just two of the unique products sure to turn eyes.

Camo ankle boots from Differio
Camo ankle boots (Image: Differio)

Zac Posen rainbow clutch bag

We became aware of this new Zac Posen handbag thanks to Laverne Cox, who said she was ‘completely obsessed’ with it on her Instagram account. We can see why. The bag features distinctive rainbow-colored, thick drips of paint.

The Zac Posen soft top handle paint-drip bag
The Zac Posen soft top handle paint-drip bag (Image: Zac Posen)

Posen gave away a signed version in a fundraising competition for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. The bag itself is not cheap though – it will set you back $995 (approx. €840) from the Zac Posen website.

Some men in a box

One of our favorite, sexy photo books of 2017 is The Box, by New York-based photographer Ron Amato. Basically, it’s a collection of beautiful, naked men, posing within the confines of a prop box.

Front cover image of The Box by Ron Amato
The Box by Ron Amato

We chatted with Ron earlier in the year, who told us, ‘Most of my artwork explores issues of sexuality. The enigma of attraction has been an ongoing question. With The Box I was able to explore those themes more deeply, helping me develop a better understanding of myself as a gay man and the larger gay universe.’

Share his journey… or just lust over the photos! You can get a signed copy for $60 (approx. €51) from the official Ron Amato website.