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Holiday romance: 7 romantic properties to fall in love with on your next vacay

Holiday romance: 7 romantic properties to fall in love with on your next vacay

This historical tower features a carved four-poster bed, ancient stonework and crenelated battlements...

1 Go off the rails

Sponsored: The most comfortable rail journey awaits at this gorgeous property in Suffolk. A converted railway carriage, the journey begins when you arrive at your destination.

And what a journey: spacious and light, with amazing countryside views and a shared hot tub plus sauna, you will arrive at complete relaxation in no time!

2 Summer loving

Enjoy a slice of the good life at The Summer House in Suffolk. A dual sided wood-burner will warm you in the wintertime and you can enjoy expansive country views at any time of the year.

There’s plenty to do in the surrounding area, but there’s also the welcome option to do absolutely nothing – including the cooking! You can arrange to have all your meals prepared by the owner, leaving you with the important tasks of romance and relaxation.

3 A fairytale for the ages

Enjoy a romance for the ages at this beautiful historical tower. It has all the fairytale trappings you could wish for: open fire, carved four-poster bed, ancient stonework and crenelated battlements – everything but seven dwarves and a wicked stepmother.

The North Wales coast is just a five minute walk away, and with so much romantic scenery in the surrounding area, there is nothing to break the fairytale spell at this enchanting location.

4 Every day’s a holiday

Characterful, quirky, romantic and filled with beautiful antique furniture – learning has never been so much fun. Likewise, holidays have rarely been as romantic and restful as a break at the Old Summer School.

The property is just six miles from Glastonbury. It’s also close to the beautiful Cheddar Gorge and Caves with Weston-Super-Mare, plus the city of Bath within easy reach. It’s perfect for exploring the best of Britain. All you have to do is drag yourself from the comfort of your cottage.

5 An illuminating break

A spectacular, and spectacularly romantic, break awaits at the beautiful Bona Lighthouse. On the banks of the Caledonian Canal, overlooking Loch Ness, the views are as breathtaking as they are unforgettable.

An amazing mix of tradition and modern comfort combine to make sure you have a truly unique romantic break. And you don’t need to leave your property to enjoy it. Bonus points for spotting Nessie!

6 Heaven and high water

The last of our romantic properties is so close to the water that you’re actually staying over it. The Boathouse couldn’t be more perfect for exploring Lake Windermere.

Huge glass windows give you perfect views over the water. And the small pier and mooring let you go straight from ship to shore and back again.

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