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Hollyoaks to feature new anti-gay bullying plot

Hollyoaks to feature new anti-gay bullying plot

British soap Hollyoaks will be featuring a new homophobic bullying plot.

Involving beloved gay character John Paul McQueen, the gay teacher will unknowingly become caught up in a love affair with married man Danny Lomax.

Speaking to Inside Soap Magazine, Bryan Kirkwood said: ‘[John Paul] will discover all of Danny’s secrets, not just the fact that Danny is Ste’s dad. But that’s only the start.

‘JP has made mistakes with this relationship and they’ve spilled over into school life. We’ll be telling quite a serious story about homophobic bullying. Those mistakes will come back to haunt him.’
In the past we have seen Hollyoaks LGBT characters undergo many obstacles and dilemmas that have had us all at the edge of our seats.
One of them being the story of infamous and seemingly fearless villain Brendan (played by Emmett J. Scanlan) struggling to come out to his homophobic, abusive dad.

Brendan formed a destructive but passionate relationship with Ste, another gay character played by out actor Kieron Richardson.

This year, Hollyoaks also featured Nigerian immigrant Vincent coming to terms with his sexuality and confessing the reason he had to leave was because he was living in fear of being imprionsed, or worse, killed.

Ashamed of his sexuality, Vincent left the Chester village to go to a ‘gay cure’ camp.

However, it seems it’s not just the LGBT characters that will be facing difficulty in future episodes. Kirkwood has teased a storyline could see Theresa McQueen finally face some punishment for killing Calvin Valentine in 2010.

Kirkwood states: ‘I can’t say too much, but Theresa’s got away with murder for years now, so it’s time we put the spotlight back on that.’