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Homophobe gets beaten up by two gay men he called ‘queers’

Homophobe gets beaten up by two gay men he called ‘queers’

A video of a homophobe being beaten up by two gay men has gone viral on a hip hop website in the US after it was posted online.

The video, titled ‘Straight man gets beat by 2 gay men for gay abusive language’, generated over 130 pages of comments on the World Star Hip Hop website in just two days.

In the video two African American gay men confront a man who called them queers from a nearby table in an undercover structure and tell him that they will ‘slap the sh*t’ out of him if he says it again.

When the man does they land a furious series of slaps on him that knock him to the ground and pull his shirt off, and then throw a drink can at him before leaving.

Another man who was sitting at the table, believed to be with the man who made the homophobic comment, decides not to intervene.

As they leave the homophobe tries to call them back to fight him again.

The incident is believed to have happened in Columbus, Georgia and was videoed by friends of the gay men.

In response one hip hop fan posted, ‘You can’t mess with some of them gay dudes cause some of them don’t play and will mess you up quick,’ while another posted, ‘just ’cause they gay doesn’t mean they won’t kick your ass.’

Another posted, ‘should of left homies alone.’

Earlier this year a video of a cowardly taser attack on a gay couple was roundly condemned by hip hop fans after it was posted to the same website in what may be a sign of changing attitudes among African Americans and fans of hip-hop music following a series of stars of the genre coming out in recent years.