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Homophobes sent to prison for raping and robbing disabled gay guy

Homophobes sent to prison for raping and robbing disabled gay guy

The men threw their victim into the ice-cold river and left him for dead

Two men raped, assaulted and robbed a disabled gay man before leaving him for dead, a Belgian court ruled.

The Liège Court of Appeal sentenced 38-year-old Michel L. and 27-year-old Robert M. to 11 and seven years in prison last week.

Authorities did not release the men’s full names.

In the night of 31 January 2015, the pair attacked a gay man identified only as Guy in Angleur, a suburb of Liège.

According to some media reports, Guy is mentally disabled.

They picked Guy up in a café where he was having a drink. They got talking and he came out to them as gay.

Michel and Robert then offered to drive Guy home. But instead, they took the car to the banks of the river Ourthe.

There, Michel got Guy to give him oral sex.

But then he began to insult and beat him.

According to Adheos, Michel ‘wanted to make his first experience’ with a man, but he felt disgusted with what they were doing and with his victim.

After assaulting Guy, the men then robbed him. They then dragged him to the river and dumped him in the ice-cold water.

He also shouted ‘Drown, PD’ – a French anti-gay slur and the abbreviation for pederast [someone who abuses a child before the age of 18].

Guy rescued himself by holding onto a branch, before passers-by came to his help.

The first suspect was arrested in October of the same year. The second man was arrested in December in the southern French town of Carcassonne.

A court initially sentenced Michel to six years in prison for attempted murder.

They dropped the charges of rape and confinement on the basis that Guy had ‘consented’, but his homophobia was deemed an aggravating circumstance.

Robert got a four-year suspended sentence with the court emphasizing his role as Michel’s follower rather than a main aggressor.

But Guy’s lawyer appealed the decision. And early on Thursday (16 Feburuary), the Court of Appeals overthrew the original verdict and handed down the new, tougher sentences.

Gay Star News has approached Unia – the Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities and a civil party in the case – for comment.