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Homophobic ‘world domination’ conspiracy claims made by Iran

Homophobic ‘world domination’ conspiracy claims made by Iran

The official mouthpiece of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has blamed Israel and Western nations for spreading homosexuality around the world in what it claims is a conspiracy to subjugate mankind into evil desires in order to achieve ‘world domination.’

The Mashregh news agency blamed ‘Jewish financial and human capital,’ and ‘the West, particularly America and Britain’ in an anti-Semitic screed published last week entitled ‘Introduction to the overt and covert aspects of spreading homosexuality in the world.’

‘It is so important to Israel to support homosexuality that in the seminaries for Conservative Jews, the rabbis agreed to accept gay men and women according to the rituals of Jewish religion,’ Mashregh claimed.

The news agency claimed that Jewish groups and the US and Britain were engaged in a conspiracy to spread homosexuality around the world in order to turn an ‘abomination and immoral phenomenon’ into something that was socially routine, which could then be used to achieve world domination.

The special report claimed that the US film industry had been engaging in the normalization of homosexuality in popular culture since the 1950’s, and claimed that schools and ‘Jewish universities’ were teaching homosexuality in schools.

‘This training is mandatory for all students in California schools,’ Mashregh claimed.

The news agency claimed that literary awards in Western countries for writers who wrote on gay themes were Zionist fronts, and said that Israel was responsible for supporting gay pride parades around the world, calling Tel Aviv ‘the gay paradise on Earth.’

The article also suggested that Western support for LGBT rights was disingenuous as if it was motivated by genuine concern it would offer them medical support to refrain from homosexuality.

‘If support for homosexuals stemmed from humane considerations or defense of human rights, it would be in the form of providing individual assistance to these people, who need care and medical treatment to rescue them from the immoral actions that undermine the family institution,’ the report claimed.

Iran has some of the strictest laws in the world against homosexuality and hangs dozens of gay men each year.