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Homophobic flyers are targeting Chicago lesbian candidate for mayor

Homophobic flyers are targeting Chicago lesbian candidate for mayor

Lori Lightfoot is running for Chicago mayor | Photo: Lightfoot for Chicago

Homophobic flyers are targeting a lesbian candidate for mayor in Chicago.

Lori Lightfoot, campaigning to lead the city, has denounced them.

The poster first appears to be a part of the Lightfoot campaign. One side includes an image of Lightfoot and her wife, Amy Eshelman, along with a message that reads: ‘The Gay Equality Act!!! It’s our turn.’

The other side, however, says: ‘All Contracts, Jobs and employment newly assigned exclusively to gay people!’

It also claims Lightfoot endorses the nonexistent Gay Equality Act, which seeks to ensure churches abide by ‘gay marriage laws’ and public restrooms are ‘gender free.’

The flyers appeared on parked cars outside of African-American churches.

Homophobic flyers denounced in Chicago

Fellow Democrat Toni Preckwinkle also denounced the hate campaign.

‘I condemn in the strongest possible terms any rhetoric or actions from any person or group that suggests prejudice or discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community,’ Preckwinkle said.

‘There is no place in Chicago, or any society, for intolerance of our LGBTQ community.’

Bishop Larry Trotter, who lobbied against same-sex marriage in 2013, also condemned the flyers.

He also said he would be endorsing Lightfoot, saying she’s ‘running for mayor’ and ‘not for bishop’.

‘Prejudice still lurks in lots of different forms.’

Annise Parker, CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund, also spoke against the flyers.

‘Homophobic forces attempting to derail Lori’s historic candidacy are using the politics of hate and fear to mobilize anti-LGBTQ voters,’ Parker said.

‘The attack flyers are infused with mischaracterizations of the LGBTQ community and the laws that protect them.’

Police are not investigating the flyers as no report has been filed.

Nevertheless, the Chicago Police Department called the language ‘detestable’.

Lightfoot told NBC 4: ‘Prejudice still lurks in lots of different forms.

‘What I’m seeing out there in the streets and what I’m hearing from people is a broad coalition of people who are coming together, excited about this election.’

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