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Homophobic hate crimes in the UK are spiking after Brexit vote

Homophobic hate crimes in the UK are spiking after Brexit vote

A rainbow flag at the 2016 Pride Parade in Brighton

A spike in hate crimes across the UK following the June 23 vote for Brexit have particularly affected LGBTI people, according to a recent poll.

During July, August and September hate crimes against LGBTI people more than doubled, increasing 147% compared with the same months last year, according to a poll released Saturday from LGBTI hate crime charity Galop.

The jump in hate crimes has affected ethic and religious minorities as well, while LGBTI people were the worst affected.

‘In a Britain that works for everyone, hatred against a person because of their sexual orientation will not be tolerated,’ a government spokesman said.

The survey asked 467 LGBT people questions about whether they had experienced a hate crime and follow-up questions.

It revealed they had little confidence in the police, saying they were not satisfied with the way the crime was dealt with.

‘UK responses to hate crime are among the best in the world but our hate crime laws are far from perfect,’ Nik Noone, Galop’s chief executive, said.

‘The highest prison sentence a court can give for homophobic, transphobic or disability common assault is six months.

‘That is just a quarter of the two-year maximum for race and faith common assault. This disparity needs redress.’

Following the vote for Brexit there were a number of celebrations by Out voters across the UK.

During one such march in Covent Garden, London, the revellers were heard chanting:

‘Rule Britannia!

‘Britannia rules the waves!

‘First we’ll get the Poles out, then the gays!’

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