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Gay man finds homophobic note in his takeout bag at restaurant

Gay man finds homophobic note in his takeout bag at restaurant

A gay man was shocked at a restaurant in South Carolina when he found a note with a homophobic slur in his takeout bag.

The incident happened at Yesterdays Restaurant & Tavern in Columbia.

Cyntrell Jones Legette first brought attention to it on Sunday (16 December) with a Facebook post. She was at the restaurant celebrating her mother’s birthday.

A friend, who’s gay, was also there celebrating with them.

According to Legette’s post, an employee placed a piece of paper with the word ‘f*g’ on it in her friend’s takeout bag. She wrote she reported it to the manager but they ‘tried to excuse it as a joke’.

Facebook post with a photo of a homophobic note at a restaurant
The original post with a photo of the note | Photo: Facebook/Cyntrell Jones Legette

Yesterdays is a staple of Columbia and has been around for over 40 years.

Duncan MacRae, Scottie MacRae and Darrell Barnes opened the restaurant in 1976. Their goal was to create a ‘a made-from-scratch American restaurant, featuring regional classics from around the country’.

The ‘iconic’ and ‘popular’ establishment swiftly issued an apology for what happened. They also revealed they fired the employee who wrote the note.

The apology

‘This is a serious matter and we’re treating it as such,’ the restaurant wrote.

They then wrote the employee has been let go, but acknowledges ‘this is by no means the end of our commitment to the local LGBTQ community’.

‘We have always supported this community but will step up our efforts and involve our employees. Hopefully we can use this as a learning opportunity not just for the employee in question but all of our staff.’

Facebook post of restaurant apologizing
Yesterdays apology post | Photo: Facebook/Yesterdays Restaurant & Tavern

They also wrote in the post they have had two staff meetings about the incident so far.

Legette commented on this post, writing she’s angry with the owners.

She also addressed people criticizing her as ‘entitled’ or trying to get free food.

Cyntrell Jones Legette's comment on Yesterdays Facebook post
Cyntrell’s comment | Photo: Facebook/Yesterdays Restaurant & Tavern

‘I’ve never heard anyone refer to a female as a “f*g.” It’s also too coincidental for that note to have ended up in the bag of a gay man,’ she wrote.

‘I always have and will continue to stand up for those who are bullied and mistreated.’

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