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Is this the most homophobic T-shirt ever made?

Is this the most homophobic T-shirt ever made?

LGBT now stands for 'liberty, guns, beer and tits'

In the same week the Republican campaign has launched ‘LGBTQ for Trump’, it turns out not even that is the most offensive piece of clothing we’ve seen.

Straight from the US, a T-shirt company is selling something so homophobic and could be deeply offensive.

The logo is from Tactically Offensive, a site made by alternative right blogger Joe Biggs. He specializes in gun-toting, anti-Hillary and pro America designs.

On the back it says: ‘The most patriotic way to say fuck you!’

And on the front, instead of what we normally understand LGBT to mean – the acronym for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community – it is instead changed the letters to mean something very different.

With this t-shirt, they now stand for ‘liberty, guns, beer and tits’.

It was first pointed out by Twitter user Jar Jar Bindz.

Many Twitter users reacted in disgust over the T-shirt.

While many said they would love to wear the T-shirt, others said they’d be pretty happy to wear it ironically at a Pride event.