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Hong Kong musician admits to secretly filming man on public toilet

Hong Kong musician admits to secretly filming man on public toilet

Award-winning songwriter Samuel Tam.

An award-winning songwriter in Hong Kong has admitted to secretly filming a man in the toilet of a mall on his phone.

Samuel Tam, 45, plead guilty to computer misuse at court on 10 July.

Tam said that he knew he was gay during middle school but had never come out because of his family’s religious beliefs. He said he had suffered from depression for several years for this reason, and the pressure he felt had ‘exploded’ and compelled him to do ‘something exciting that no one would know about.’

Tam was arrested on 30 March at iSquare mall in the busy Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district.

He was caught filming a man in the toilets by holding his phone under the wall of the cubicle adjoining his, and the police were called. Four videos of the victim were on two phones in his possession.

The defense presented 13 letters Tam wrote to family members, his church and colleagues, in which he expressed remorse and talked about taking his life.

The judge released Tam on bail until sentencing, which was adjourned until 31 July to wait for his probation and community service reports.

Tam won several awards in the early nineties for writing hits for singers such as Cherrie Choi and Amanda Lee.