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Hong Kong to play host to life-changing human rights event

Hong Kong to play host to life-changing human rights event

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A group of the world’s leading human rights advocates, including several LGBTI leaders, are coming together in Hong Kong to figure out concrete ways to achieve equality.

The Human Dignity Festival is an innovative approach on how people from all over the world can collaborate on concrete ways to advance human rights and dignity. 

The inaugural event on October 14 and 15 will be held in Hong Kong. But organizers plan to host it in different Asian cities in the coming years.

Hong Kong based non-profit Planet Ally is organizing HDF. It will host a number events from a human rights tattoo art project to a free concert.

‘It is absolutely incredible to be able to bring together trailblazers from across the world. We are honored to facilitate change at a global level, and I am thrilled that Planet Ally is leading this initiative,’ said Bess Hepworth, CEO & Founder of Planet Ally.

Some of the ‘trailblazers’ speaking at the event include; Singaporean Paralympian Theresa Goh, Ugandan filmmaker Kamoga Hassan, Australia’s first gay Muslim Imam, Nur Warsame, and Russian LGBT Network activist Mikhail Tumasov.

‘From LGBTI persecution in Chechnya to the abduction of young girls in Nigeria, our dignity has come under attack and it is time to take a firmer stand,’ HDF organizers said.

‘We believe dignity is an equal value attached to all humans and does not change depending on the colour of your skin, who you decide to love, where you come from or any other aspect of your identity.’

HDF will feature a two-day leadership forum, online challenge and salon events.

HDF organizers hope it will empower emerging leaders to advance intersectional rights by connecting them with global opportunities and resources.

The festival consists of four related events including an online Human Dignity Festival Global Challenge. The other three include; the Human Dignity Leadership Forum for rising leaders, the Human Rights Tattoo project, and a community concert – the Rainbow Riots Rockfest.

The Rockfest will be open to the public and will feature groundbreaking performers from across the world.

Join HDF

HDF wants to bring together 60 of the world’s ‘boldest, bravest and most compassionate leaders to be a part of our trailblazing network’.

The leaders will be given the opportunities, guidance, and resources to act as catalysts for the advancement of human rights and dignity.

People are invited to apply by answering the question, ‘how would you challenge inequalities in Hong Kong to advance human rights and dignity?’.

They should send a 60-second video posted publicly either on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #humandignityfest or by submitting the video as an attachment to [email protected]

‘We’re looking for leaders who have demonstrated an unfettered commitment to serving their communities,’ Bess Hepworth said.

‘We want individuals who challenge the status quo, aren’t afraid to ask questions while providing solutions to challenges that affect their communities.’