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Hong Kong pride takes umbrella as symbol

Hong Kong pride takes umbrella as symbol

Hong Kong pride has taken the humble umbrella as this year’s symbol in solidarity with the city’s democratic movement.

Organizers said the sharing of the symbol was ‘a beautiful coincidence’ as they had ordered 500 rainbow umbrellas in early August, more than a month before Occupy Central began.

‘We support civil society, and we hope it can support us in return, too,’ pride spokeswoman Wei Siu-lik said.

‘Mutual support is very important to Hongkongers now. We hope the rainbow umbrella will remind people to support us.’

The Cantonese word for putting up an umbrella sounds like ‘support’ and protestors have been using them to defend against tear gas, pepper spary and police batons.

LGBTI activists are the forefront of the protests and many believe democracy is necessary before equality can be achieved.

This year’s rainbow ambassadors are Equal Opportunities Commission Chairperson Dr York Chow, Labour Party Lawmaker Cyd Ho and singer Denise Ho.

Organizers estimated 5,200 attended last year’s event.