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Hong Kong singer comes out during concert

Hong Kong singer comes out during concert

Hong Kong popstar Anthony Wong came out during a concert last night, the last of a run of four dates celebrating the 25th anniversary of his old band, Tat Ming Pair.

'I'm not a tongzhi, I'm homosexual, I'm GAY gay,' said Wong, as reported by Shanghaiist. 'Tongzhi', Mandarin slang for gay, literally means 'comrade'.

Wong's very public outing was met by loud applause and screams from his fans.

'We're living in the 21st Century now,' said Wong at the concert. 'There's no need for us to live in a fantasy world. There's no need for us to seek the approval of anyone else just to love somebody.'

Like a Catonese George Michael, Wong was part of the duo, Tat Ming Pair, in the 1980s before going solo in the 1990s. Tat Ming Pair reformed for a reunion concert in 1996 and this year.

Wong also worked as a producer founding production company People Mountain People Sea that released albums for top Hong Kong musicians Leslie Cheung, Eason Chan and gay icon Faye Wong.

Wong's name was the top search term on Chinese microblog site Weibo today, with over 11,000 mentions, and the comments were nearly all positive or neutral.

12小鱼107 said: 'I wish him well, true love is endless, this is not abnormal, it is normal, but are not ordinary people to accept it, how brave he is, may you always be happy'.