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Hong Kong star says coming out should be personal choice

Hong Kong star says coming out should be personal choice

Newly-out Hong Kong pop star Anthony Wong says fellow celebrities should be free to choose whether to declare their own sexuality.

Wong’s call at the 8th IDAHOT rally in Hong Kong today comes as the local yellow press somewhat stepped up their hunt for whom his partner is and strive to out closeted celebrities, after he came out at a reunion concert last month.

‘I’d persuade you not to force [closeted stars] to come out,’ Wong told the media jokingly. ‘Whether or not they are hiding should not be an issue in the first place.’

He believes people have to hide exactly because society is not accepting enough and criticizes the public for having ‘double standards’.

‘If a guy is dating a woman, he won’t have to tell others. Why are we gays obliged to tell others?’

But refuting people who question his public announcement, Wong stresses he has ‘nothing to hide’ himself.

With songs teeming with lyrics that clearly address sexual minorities, Wong’s sexuality had indeed been a ‘well-known secret’ for years.

Recalling an experience when he started singing some 20 years ago, he describes how a mother called him a ‘sei gay lo’ (a Cantonese term meaning ‘damned faggot’) in the face.

‘I thought at the time the mother was really ignorant,’ Wong said, adding he has toughened up over the years when faced with discrimination – so much so that he turned the tables and called himself a ‘gay lo’ during the reunion concert.

After three pro-democracy lawmakers successively speak of the difficulties in fighting for pro-LGBT legislation in the city, Wong calls on all legislators to spell out what they plan to do for gay rights or more broadly equal rights when they run for office later this year.

Wong reiterates that he has yet to have any plan to get married, but stresses he will battle for those who want to.

Hoping to end the rally today on a high note, Wong chooses the song ‘In Broad Daylight’ to conclude his performance.

The last line of the song goes, ‘If anyone has a cross, go mourn for someone who lacks love.’