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Hong Kong’s flagship airline launches same-sex couple ad

Hong Kong’s flagship airline launches same-sex couple ad

Cathay Pacific's new ad in Hong Kong (Photo: Twitter)

Hong Kong’s largest airline, Cathay Pacific, this week launched an inclusive advertisement as part of its rebrand.

A poster at the airline’s headquarters shows two men holding hands on a beach.

‘Move beyond labels’ reads the caption.

Cathay Pacific this week revealed ‘Move Beyond’ as its new slogan to replace ‘Life Well Travelled’.

The advertising campaign was also tentatively welcomed by Hong Kong’s only openly-gay lawmaker, Ray Chan.

‘Bold and timely for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and beyond’ he wrote on Twitter.

LGBTI rights in Hong Kong

Chinese society puts a lot of emphasis on heterosexual families and there are no legal anti-discrimination protections.

Hong Kong does not recognize same-sex marriages. And, the city only decriminalized gay sex in 1991.

What’s more, many LGBTI citizens do not come out to their family and colleagues.

In July last year, however, Hong Kong’s LGBTI had a reason to celebrate. The Court of Final Appeal ruled the immigration department must recognize overseas same-sex marriages when issuing spousal visas.

Also, earlier this year, two gay men won the right to challenge laws banning same-sex marriage.