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Hong Kong’s only openly gay politician is looking for a Taiwanese husband

Hong Kong’s only openly gay politician is looking for a Taiwanese husband

Hong Kong politician Ray Chan (Photo: Twitter)

Hong Kong’s only openly gay lawmaker, Ray Chan, is looking for a Taiwanese husband.

Chan, who represents the People Power party in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, took to Twitter to celebrate Taiwan on becoming the first Asian country to table a same-sex marriage bill to parliament.

He shared a steamy photo and said he was ‘looking for a serious & committed relationship with any male Republic of China [Taiwan] national’.

Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1997, though it has kept its own political systems. Taiwan, meanwhile, is an independent state but is considered a renegade province by China.

Almost-equal rights in Taiwan

LGBTI rights advocates in Taiwan on Thursday accepted the government’s marriage bill as a compromise but said it fell short of genuine marriage equality.

The compromise bill comes after a devastating referendum loss in November 2018. Taiwan voters opted for a separate law to legalize same-sex unions rather than to change the Civil Code.

Following the results, conservative groups have been lobbying lawmakers to enact a ‘cohabitation’ or ‘partnership’ law to afford same-sex couples similar rights as marriage. Rights activists denounced this as failing to give genuine equality.

Coordinator of the Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan, Jennifer Lu, told Gay Star News the bill was ‘a very clever way’ to move forward.

She said it was not ‘perfect’ but could be acceptable as long as it had the structure of marriage.

She said the LGBTI community suffered trauma from the referendum and was still taking time to heal.

‘Many LGBT people don’t have the resources to face that battle again in their lifetime’ she said.

Ray Chan

Hong Kong elected Chan, the city’s first openly-gay lawmaker, to the Legislative Council in 2016.

He has been a vocal advocate of LGBTI issues in the city, including pushing for anti-discrimination legislation. Late last year he was the victim of an online smear campaign.

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Hong Kong. What’s more, there is currently no legislation to protect citizens against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

In July, however, Hong Kong’s LGBTI had a reason to celebrate. The Court of Final Appeal ruled the immigration department must recognize overseas same-sex marriages when issuing spousal visas.

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