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These hot guys wear sexy gym shorts for men made to be eco-friendly

This is guaranteed to make you sweat

These hot guys wear sexy gym shorts for men made to be eco-friendly
These sexy shorts will not only make you feel good about yourself, but about the world | OHMME

Want to be good to yourself and to the world? Well we have the perfect shorts for you.

OHMME, a premium activewear brand for men, has set the bar with its brand new line of sexy fitness clothing.

And not only that, these shorts are the most eco-friendly on the market.

The Eco Mayura Black and Eco Warrior II GREEN DEFENCE give you freedom of movement and comfort to make you sweat.

While OHMME is a specialist in yoga wear, they can be used for running, cycling or practicing yoga.

The fast-drying technology also make them ideal for swimming.

But how are the shorts eco-friendly?

The fabric manufacturing process is environmentally conscious, ensures reduced water waste and eliminates harmful chemicals.

The GREEN DEFENCE shorts use antibacterial technology, using cinnamon and almond extracts, to make sure they always smell fresh no matter how sweaty you get.

An OHMME spokesperson said the brand is seeking to ‘change the attitudes of current societal stereotypes of masculinity’.

[We] invest all [our] efforts and resources to create ethical and fashionable sportswear to encourage guys to be able to move more freely’.

For Gay Star News readers, OHMME is giving you a 10% off all their items. Use voucher code GSN10 before 31 May 2018. Check out their full range on the website.

OHMME is a sponsor of Gay Star News.

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