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This Texas pool lets you swim and fly at the same time

This Texas pool lets you swim and fly at the same time

This pool is not for the faint of heart

Infinity pools are all the rage, but one developer in Texas has taken the trend a step further.

City dwellers in Houston can now take a dip in the city’s first sky pool at Market Square Tower.

Extending 10 feet away from the building, it sits a breezy 40 stories above ground.

But as a video circulating on Instagram shows, this pool truly is nothing for the faint of heart.

Because it is entirely made out of glass, including the bottom.

So if you decide to take a dive, or just look down when you step out into the pool, you’ll get a clear view of the streets below you.

If you’re concerned about the pool’s safety, the Houston Chronicle provides some relief: they report the pool is made from 8-inch thick plexiglass.

So swimmers can feel safe while enjoying the slightly vertigo-inducing view.

In August 2015, a similar project was proposed in London.

Until Houston came along it was supposed to become the world’s first sky pool.

And unlike its Huston brother, it is supposed to connect the two neighboring luxury high-rises of the Embassy Gardens development.

Located on the South Bank, it is supposed to spoil swimmers with a view of the Houses of Parliament, too.

‘My vision for the Sky Pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering,’ developer Ballymore Group’s chairperson and CEO Sean Mulryan.

‘I wanted to do something that had never been done before.’