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How better condoms make sex safer

My mission to bring better fitting, safer condoms to the world through crowd-funding

How better condoms make sex safer

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that when people don’t like condoms, they don’t use them – certainly not every time they should.

However, while this may not have been true a few years ago, these days, if you don’t absolutely love your condom, you are simply wearing the wrong one. Let me explain why.

For far too long people have believed that all condoms are one-size-fits-all and that all condoms are created equal.

It is time to bust these widespread condom myths once and for all.

No one is taught that quality and fit are as essential to condoms as they are to any other form of intimate apparel.

So it comes as no surprise that many men, through repeated, uncomfortable experiences, have come to view condoms as, at best, a necessary evil. This in turn led many people to lean toward choosing the cheapest condoms available. Why not just pick up a free handful at the local gay club or bar – they’re all the same, right? Wrong!

When you are (or your partner is) wearing the correct sized premium condom, your pleasure and your safety are exponentially increased. Once you understand this, you’ll never skimp on this again.

We were inspired to launch our first condom review when we realized it was a perfect place to begin the conversation regarding condom fit and how it directly relates to a dramatic increase in pleasure and safety. Finding the perfect condom (which varies even more widely than you might think) is a new concept to many users who have only tried the basic condoms offered in standard retail.

At Lucky Bloke, we carry a carefully curated selection of the very best condoms from around the world. We offer the opportunity for users (no matter where they live) to experience and explore condoms that they don’t normally have easy access to – allowing them to discover condoms that can actually take sex to a higher level.

Internationally, the condom world is very diverse. You can explore the thinnest condoms available from Japan; vegan and organic flavored condoms from Australia; condoms that vary from glow-in-the-dark to ribbed and studded from North America; as well as the very best from Europe. There are even condoms with lubricant to enhance arousal (or, if you’d prefer, desensitize you).

Once condom users begin to discover all this, it will lead to more people using condoms more consistently. And when you think about the implications, it is clear that this kind of shift can have a huge positive impact on public health, preventing people from getting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

If we could prove that the safer sex experience could be dramatically improved, wouldn’t all condom users deserve to know? We thought so, too.

Recently, Lucky Bloke completed a program we called Mission: Great Sex! We had volunteers review condoms in 21 countries and learned loads about proper condom fit via first-hand experience.

Of our 800 reviewers, 54% were men and 35% were gay or bisexual. Importantly 86% of participants stated that Mission: Great Sex! improved and spiced up their sex life. And 96% stated that Mission: Great Sex! Gave them a better opinion of and relationship to condoms. Yes, 96%!

Once we received these very compelling results, we decided it was high time to find a way to bring ‘great safe sex’ to the masses. Shifting condom perceptions through personal experience is incredibly powerful.

We immediately started thinking about how to get our message out to as many people as possible, in a personal and exciting way. When we came upon the concept of marrying the condom review (and sex-ed experience) to a crowd-funding platform we were sold.

As a feisty independent start-up (we’re not venture capitalist funded), we really value the crowd-funding opportunity Indiegogo provides. Sending out 75,000 free condoms is costly, but in the end, so incredibly worthwhile. We’re absolutely counting on the public’s support to make this campaign take off.

We are confident that people truly want to be part of this vital and ground-breaking mission, and we are looking forward to seeing just how many will rise to the occasion!

You can visit and contribute to our campaign on the Indiegogo site.

We have found that each person’s sexiest condom is a highly personal experience.

The condom you ‘think’ you are going to love rarely matches with what actually becomes your favorite. I cannot tell you how many of our initial participants were excited to try textured condoms, and then found out they preferred ‘ultra-thin’ and vice versa. And that makes it pretty difficult to choose a condom intuitively. Instead, you need to sample as many different condoms as possible, until you have your own personal ‘eureka’ moment.

One person’s favorite condom is another person’s least favorite condom of all time… one he would never use again – ever.

Mission: Great Sex! will allow thousands of reviewers to explore the very best condoms the world has to offer, shifting personal perceptions and eventually boosting condom use and education on a much larger scale.

Melissa White is the CEO of Lucky Bloke, a premium condom service pioneering a new way of thinking about and buying condoms. She is currently expanding the Mission: Great Sex! Global Condom Review, and will be seeking 10,000 new reviewers next month.

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