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How to Get Away With Murder star explains why he won’t say if he’s gay or not

How to Get Away With Murder star explains why he won’t say if he’s gay or not

Actor Jack Falahee’s recent refusal to say whether he is gay or straight or somewhere in between has a lot of people speculating about what is behind his non-answer to a question about his sexuality.

‘No matter how I answer, someone will say, "No, that’s not true,"’ he told Out Magazine last week.

The How to Get Away With Murder actor, whose character of Connor Walsh has become something of a poster boy for gay sex on network TV, is now elaborating on why he prefers to keep people guessing.

‘The way we frame the conversation around sexuality is maybe not the best,’ he tells Instinct. ‘That’s why I was adverse to answering that question.

‘To answer how Jack Falahee defines his sexuality undermines what is being achieved by showing a character like Connor Walsh,’ he adds. ‘Connor Walsh is unabashedly who he is because he’s confident in who he is. He doesn’t need to answer to anyone, and that’s okay.’

Falahee, who was a largely unknown actor less than six months ago, finds the question about someone sexuality problematic in general.

‘It’s really tough to assume that heterosexuality is the norm and that we are now forcing people to come out of closets,’ he says. ‘As soon as we can reconstruct the way that we view sexuality as a society, then this won’t be a conversation.’

He points out that if he were playing a straight man on the show, there would not be this same level of interest in his own sexuality.

‘You look at an actor who plays James Bond, and you don’t ask him if he’s gay or straight — or even the other men on my show. There’s no conversation being had about it, it just happens to be that I’m playing a gay man. So it seems really undermining to the greater cause.’