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How homophobic are you? Take the test

How homophobic are you? Take the test

While being taught by a transgender teacher, or working with a bisexual man shouldn’t bother people, it still does for many people.

The Quebec government has launched an advertising campaign designed to get the province thinking how open-minded they are when it comes to homosexuality.

The TV, radio and web campaign features routine, simple scenes in which the viewer has no idea is about homosexuality until the end, the Montreal Gazette reports.

In the web version, two men is seen sitting at a bus stop and chatting.

As the two men kiss, a question comes on screen saying: ‘These two guys share a common life. What if one of them was your brother. Would it bother you?’

The adverts are part of a $7.1m (US$6.9m, €5.3m) five year anti-homophobia campaign by the Quebec government.

‘The idea was not necessarily to shock the viewer but to get people thinking about how open-minded they really are,’ said Martine Delagrave, who is overseeing the project.

‘We learned in our research that Quebec is viewed as open to sexual diversity – but homophobia still exists and it still exists in Quebec.’

Delegrave said while people are generally accepting of people, they are perhaps not as open-minded as they like to believe.

Since the ads aired, there have been nine written complaints to the Quebec government.

A government spokesman said: ‘The tone of the complaints was that many were jolted by the sight of two men or two women kissing in a government advertisement.’

In the first two days, the website had 131,000 visitors and 70% completed a short, online survey.

The government will conduct a second survey at the end of the campaign, to see whether there’s been a shift in perceptions.

"We don’t think that a four-week campaign will change everything, but we believe it’ll take Quebec society farther down the path of openness," Delagrave said.

A second series of ads, revolving around issues like same-sex parenting, is planned for 2014 or 2015. The current ads run until the end of the month.

Want to see if you’re homophobic? Take the test here.