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How leading brands use GSN’s expertise

How leading brands use GSN’s expertise

Right from the start, Gay Star News has had global brands and multi-national organizations excited.

One key reason is our rapid growth. Having only officially launched in January 2012, we have grown by an average of 39% a month so far on our monthly unique visitors to the site and are growing even more rapidly than that on social media.

It’s well known that LGBT people own more homes and cars, spend more on travel and going out, are early adopters of the latest high-end technology and have the largest disposable income per capita of any ‘niche’ market.

But behind those statistics is a complicated market and you need expert partners who understand every nuance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender world. GSN’s team has decades of combined experience to guide your investment so every dollar, pound, euro or cent you spend delivers results.

We help you best by developing a long-term relationship and using the full power of the range of digital tools available to us, from standard marketing to social media reach, video, research and editorial to create a bespoke campaign for you.

Start off with a detailed consultation with our global digital team and find out how we can use our exponential growth to help you reach a global, affluent audience.

With Gay Star News, anything is possible if it helps your brand.

Get in touch with our sales team for more information.