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How the LGBTI candidates did in the UK general election

How the LGBTI candidates did in the UK general election

It has been a night of new victories and some surprising losses for LGBTI politicians in the UK general election.

While the results are still being counted, GSN can confirm at least 24 LGBTI Members of Parliament have been elected, with a few other candidates likely to win.

It is still possible there will be over 26 openly gay, lesbian, bi or trans MPs, beating the previous number.

In line with their general disastrous performance, the Liberal Democrats lost its LGBTI giants.

Bisexual Simon Hughes, who first won his seat of Bermondsey and Old Southwark in a homophobic election in 1983, was defeated by a Labour candidate.

In Yeovil, south west England, fellow gay Liberal Democrat, David Laws, who was briefly Chief Secretary of the Treasury saw a swing of 16% take his constituency away from him and hand it to the Conservatives.

Stephen Gilbert, in the constituency of St Austell and Newquay in Cornwall, a champion of same-sex marriage, was another Lib Dem to lose his seat.

Liberal Democrat allies were also impacted.

Lynne Featherstone, who as a coalition minister was a key player in the fight for same-sex marriage equality, lost her seat to Labour.

There was far better news for the Conservatives, who won far more seats than expected overall and are well on course to be the biggest party and to form a majority government.

Gay Conservatives re-elected included Crispin Blunt and the party’s lesbian pin-up Margot James. Meanwhile Ben Howlett gained Bath for the party.

And while Labour had a disappointing night overall, winning far fewer seats than they expected and hoped, many of the best-known LGBTI MPs survived including Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant, Stephen Twigg, Clive Betts and Angela Eagle.

New gay Labour candidate Wes Streeting, a former Stonewall education officer, won the constituency of Illford North for the party.

The biggest swing in the election overall was against Labour and the Liberal Democrats and towards the Scottish National Party (SNP).

One big beneficiary of this was the newly elected LGBTI SNP MP for Glasgow South, Stewart McDonald. He won with a surprisingly big swing of more than 34%.

UPDATE at 8.20am: Within 30 minutes of publishing this article, the figure of 26 openly LGBTI MPs was reached, in line with our prediction.