How taking on gay role in film helped end rumors Tom Selleck was gay

Tom Selleck didn’t let tabloid stories saying he was gay stop him from taking on the role of a gay man in the 1997 film In & Out.

But there were plenty of people who advised the Magnum PI and Blue Bloods star against it.

‘I was playing a closeted gay television reporter and a tabloid had said I was gay just a few years earlier,’ Selleck says in the current issue of TV Guide.

But after starring in the box office hit Three Men and a Baby and its sequel, Selleck was keen to do another good comedy and In & Out fit the bill.

It was about midwestern teacher (Kevin Kline) who questions his sexuality after a former student makes a comment about him at the Academy Awards. The film also starred Joan Cusack, Debbie Reynolds, Matt Dillon and Bob Newhart, among others.

Says Selleck: ‘I said, "I’ve been trying to do ensemble comedy forever and this is one of the best ensembles I’ve ever seen." Because I had sued several tabloids for falsely saying I was gay, people were saying I was anti-gay.

‘Playing the role ended both those rumors.’

Selleck has been married to actress Jillie Mack since 1987 and they have a daughter.