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WATCH: HP launches initiative to encourage LGBTQ people in the tech world

It's time to welcome everyone

WATCH: HP launches initiative to encourage LGBTQ people in the tech world
HP released a new spot encouraging LGBTQ diversity in their company | YouTube/HP

Tech company HP has a bold new plan to help encourage LGBTQ people in their world: hire people based on talent.

Earlier this year, HP launched their Reinvent Mindsets campaign. The project stems from the company’s diversity challenge in 2016 to hire more women and other marginalized people.

It aims to reinvent how the company thinks about ‘diversity and inclusion’, with a specific focus on tackling what they call ‘unconscious bias’.

The third spot in this campaign is Proud Portraits, which puts a spotlight on LGBTQ diversity.

Creating an empathetic environment

It’s normal at work for employees to put out photos of their loved ones at their desk.

But, HP asks, ‘what if you felt you couldn’t share your most important people and connections’?

Though their earliest LGBTQ resources began more than 30 years ago, the company acknowledges the lengths left to go.

In a statement about the project, HP lists statistics about LGBTQ employees. Like the fact that 1 in 10 LGBTQ employees left a job because of an unwelcoming environment or one-third hiding their personal lives.

‘HP knows the people behind those statistics,’ they say, including ‘the trans new hire who is nervous about their bathroom options’.

Now, they’re working ‘to create an empathetic, inclusive environment where employees feel so supported that they are empowered to come out to their friends, family, and coworkers’.

As part of the project, HP is also partnering with Out in Tech on their fall fundraising campaign, Technically Equal.

Making the tech world more diverse

In all their spots, HP reiterates one thing: challenging unconscious bias. Then, hiring people based purely on talent to achieve a more diverse team.

HP calls unconscious bias — ‘split-second impressions made by our brains about race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality and many other characteristics’ — a ‘major barrier’ to having a diverse group.

Now they’ve acknowledged them, they’re attempting to confront them.

The company’s previous Reinvent Mindsets spots include Let’s Get in Touch, focusing on African-American employees. The second is Dads and Daughters, highlighting the higher standards female employees face.

‘Just be you,’ HP’s spot focusing on LGBTQ employees says. It showcases various queer families and an uplifting message about a welcoming workplace.

Watch Proud Portraits:

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