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Huge funeral for Chilean hate crime victim

After the killing of openly gay Chilean, thousands joined funeral procession in mark of respect

Huge funeral for Chilean hate crime victim

Following the tragic death of Daniel Zamudio last week, the openly gay Chilean who was beaten to death by neo-Nazis, thousands of neighbours, friends and members of the general public joined together and marched alongside his funeral procession.

In a mark of respect, men, women and children waved white handkerchiefs, clapped and threw flowers, as they joined the three-hour journey from Zamudio’s home in San Bernardo, south of the capital, to the main cemetery in Santiago.

In a talk to gathered media and well-wishers, Diego Zamudio, brother to the recently deceased, expressed his grief before attending a private cremation.

"There will be time for justice but for now, I am only asking for respect, and I thank all of you for each gesture, each tear shed, for my brother," he said.

As reported by GSN earlier this week, Daniel Zamudio, 24, was pronounced dead after 25 days in hospital following a brutal beating by a group of neo-Nazis, who struck him over the head, burnt him with cigarettes and carved swastikas into his chest.

Since the attack, four men aged between 19 and 25 have been arrested, however they are currently denying all allegations including their involvement with any neo-Nazi organisation.

According to further reports, as well as the UN’s involvement urging for harsher hate crime laws, the independent human rights arm of the Organisation of American States has urged the Chilean government to launch a 'serious' investigation into the murder. 

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