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Hugh Jackman doesn’t care if people think he’s gay, proud to be a ‘gay icon’

Hugh Jackman doesn’t care if people think he’s gay, proud to be a ‘gay icon’

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has said he doesn’t care if people think he’s gay as he’s proud to be a ‘gay icon.’

He spoke at a New Zealand university yesterday (26 February).

The X-Men star visited a south Auckland university where he sang with a choir and announced his upcoming tour.

During a press conference, an attendee quizzed the Greatest Showman star on his status as a gay icon.

Hugh starred in the 2003 musical based on the life of Aussie openly gay singer-songwriter Peter Allen, A Boy From Oz.

‘He isn’t!’

On the role, he said: ‘It was my absolute privilege playing Peter Allen.

‘I don’t know if he was out, but everyone knew he was gay.

‘I’ll tell you a funny story. Deb, my wife, came to see [A Boy from Oz] about 40 times.

‘She was in the bathroom at one point, in a stall, and she could hear two women outside going “Is he or isn’t he?”

‘She was just listening for about two minutes, then she just yelled out, “He isn’t!”‘


Jackman is a long-time vocal supporter of the LGBTI community.

Significantly, the actor also noted he ‘loves’ how the LGBTI is becoming increasingly represented in the film industry.

He added: ‘I’m all for it in every single aspect and I’m proud to be a part of any solution to [end discrimination of LGBTI people] through storytelling.’

‘Just locking lips’

In the past, Jackman said he doesn’t care if people think he’s gay.

Though, he does believe his role in The Boy From Oz adds fuel to the fire.

‘I was literally just locking lips,’ he said on the role, ‘I started to laugh so hard.

‘So I stay kissing him [Jarrod Emick], because I thought, “I’m just going to laugh. I’m going to stay here until it subsides.”

‘It never subsided and the whole audience could see my body shaking, so they started.’

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