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Human Rights Campaign calls for hotels owned by Sultan of Brunei to stop advertising for gay weddings

Human Rights Campaign calls for hotels owned by Sultan of Brunei to stop advertising for gay weddings

The Human Rights Campaign is blasting hotels owned the sultan of Brunei for promoting wedding services to gay couples. Their owner has imposed Islamic criminal punishments in his country that includes stoning gay people to death.

The largest LGBTI equal rights organization in the US is calling out as hypocrisy the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Bel-Air Hotel seeking wedding business in California where same-sex marriage became legal again last year.

‘The sultan is offering free strawberries to LGBT couples in L.A. and death by stoning to those in Brunei,’ HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement.

‘This is the height of hypocrisy, and we must ensure that profits from LGBT weddings in the US stop going to regime that could soon start executing its LGBT citizens.’

Both hotels are part of the Dorchester Collection, which are owned by the Sultan of Brunei and his Brunei Investment Agency.

According to a special Gay Weddings Los Angeles page on the Dorchester Collection’s website, The Beverly Hills Hotel offers such services as assisting couples and/or their wedding consultant to reserve your wedding date, design a menu and beverage selections, and finalize a schedule of events for their wedding in Los Angeles.

The hotel also offers ‘complimentary wedding services’ for LGBT couples that include a menu tasting, a night’s stay for newly-married spouses, as well as champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for their wedding night.

HRC called for a boycott of Dorchester Collection properties after Brunei this month became the eighth nation to allow for capital punishment to be used against its LGBT citizens.

The boycott is beginning to take hold.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that it would be moving its annual Women in Hollywood Breakfast from The Beverly Hills Hotel. Last year’s event honored Oprah Winfrey.

Also this week, last night’s Global Women’s Rights Awards was relocated to Westwood and next year’s gathering of the Motion Picture & Television Fund has also cancelled its event at the hotel.

On Monday (5 May), Jay Leno was among those who spoke at a rally held across the street from the hotel in protest of the Islamic criminal punishments in Brunei.

Said Leno: ‘What year is this? 1814? Come on people, it’s 2014.’