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Hundreds celebrate Pride in Edinburgh, Scotland

Hundreds celebrate Pride in Edinburgh, Scotland

Pride Scotia kicked-off earlier today, with a colorful march outside the Scottish Parliament participants made their way through the old town, all the way to Bristo Square.

The atmosphere was festive with people sporting costumes, while some participants appeared wearing bridal veils in support of the last push to legalize marriage equality in Scotland.

The bi-annual march aims to promote equality and diversity, as well as highlighting LGBT rights issue in Scotland, focusing this year on gay marriage.

Pride this year ‘took over’ Teviot House which hosted a dance room with top local DJs, and ‘Sports Room’ where TV sport was the order of the day.

While the ‘Order of Perpetual Indulgence’ hosted their traditional Tea Dance which was also one of the highlights of the event.

Teviot House was also the venue for the Health and Community Fair which featured exhibitors from Scottish community organizations and businesses.

Bristo Square, also sported a stage with local DJs animating the crowd.

Alan Robertson, a 38 year-old gay man from East Kilbride, told Gay Star News that he very much enjoyed what was his first Pride march: ‘It’s been my first ever pride march – I couldn’t believe how many people there were, gay and straight.

‘All having a great time celebrating the cause. One thing I loved was the straight couple marching beside me with their two young children.

‘"It’s a celebration of life" is what she told me: how refreshing – new generations and new perspectives.’

Officers who are members of the Gay Police Association of Scotland (GPA) participate in the parade, in uniform, in a show of support of the country’s LGBT communities.

GPA also launched its very own ‘it gets better’ video, coinciding with the event and featuring many of the police officers who marched in Pride Scotia.