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Hundreds rally around torched LGBT mural in San Francisco

Hundreds rally around torched LGBT mural in San Francisco

The ‘Por Vida’ (for life) mural that depicts gay couples and a transgender man has been a target of homophobes since it was unveiled in San Francisco’s Mission District last month.

The mural by artist Manuel Paul of Los Angeles’ Maricón Collective was vandalized twice by vandals before it was torched late on Monday night, the most serious attack to date.

Some 400 supporters including District Supervisor David Campos and State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano joined an outdoor rally on Wednesday evening to call for unity and dialogue.

A memorial of flowers and candles had been placed in front of the section of the mural located on the exterior wall of Galería de la Raza that was torched.

‘To go from the incredible high of the Supreme Court using a ruling that extended the Constitution to the LGBT community, to go from that high to seeing this, was an emotional experience,’ Campos was quoted as saying by Misson Local.

‘The Mission has always had that queer presence,’ he said in defiance of anyone who thought otherwise. ‘From every single moment of its existence the Mission has had that queer presence.’

The report noted that the mural was defaced twice on the opening weekend, followed by more tagging after the first mural was replaced. It was replaced again on Friday at the start of Pride weekend.

Galería de la Raza, which has spent $3,000 to get rid of the spray paint, is accepting donations to help with repairs.