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Hundreds of students rally to support bullied gay teen at Maine high school

Hundreds of students rally to support bullied gay teen at Maine high school

Students rallying to support Garrett McCann outside York High School

When 14 year-old Garrett McCann started getting bullied at school for being gay, he told his teachers. They told him to go to the principal, who sent out a letter to parents

Garrett’s classmates, however, wanted to go further.

On Monday (23 October) morning, over 200 students showed up to York High School in Maine at 6:30 am. They carried rainbow flags and posters of support for Garrett’s plight.

Several remained even after school started, vowing to stand up for all LGBTI students.

Garrett noted only five or six students bullied him and the support far outweighed them.

‘I mean I don’t even know some of these people, and here they are,’ he told Bangor Daily News on the day of the rally.

The video shows several of Garrett’s supporters singing Why Can’t We Be Friends.

Taking initiative

According to Garrett’s father, Tim McCann, the bullies made comments about his son on social media and various apps.

‘They called him “f*ggot” and some other crude stuff I am probably embarrassed to even say to you,’ he explained.

It’s inspiring to see students rally against discrimination like this.

Nate Davis, a student at York, said: ‘You see all walks of life from the high school out here right now. You’ve got football players, two of the captains, people from the drama club who never get involved in sports, all sorts of people.

‘When everyone gets together for one problem you can tell that problem is big enough that you need to address it soon. That’s what this is trying to show. We’re not all from one group, but we’re all united.’

York High School principal Karl Francis seems to agree.

Regarding the rally, he commented he’s ‘glad that they’re taking the initiative and action’.

‘I look forward to collaborating with them to build a strong and united school,’ he continued. ‘We clearly hear them.’