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Hungarian law on religion conflicts with equal treatment

Hungarian law on religion conflicts with equal treatment

Members of the European Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT Rights have called for an inquiry into a new Hungarian law on religion.

The new law says 'since church institutions are ideologically committed', they may determine their own conditions of employment or termination to maintain their specific identity.

Members of the Intergroup, including chairs Michael Cashman and Ulrike Lunacek, questioned the law's compatibility with the European Commission's non-discrimination standards.

The EU non-discrimination law prohibits prejudice in the workplace on grounds of religion, disability, age or sexual orientation. However, the same directive permits religious organizations to require employees be of the same religion when justified by the job. 

Ultimately, the conditions of recruitment and termination must comply with the principle of equal treatment.

This latest inquiry comes on the heels of growing concern over homophobia reports in Hungary.

The European Commission's Viviane Reding has informed the Intergroup that Hungarian authorities will be contacted regarding this new law.