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Are these shirtless mermen the campest (and sexiest) Christmas ornaments yet?

Are these shirtless mermen the campest (and sexiest) Christmas ornaments yet?

Which hunky merman would you choose?

Whether you’re a year-round enthusiast or think Christmas trees should only start going up on 22 December (at the earliest), there is no denying the festive season is already in full swing – or at least picking up speed by the minute.

Which means it’s absolute time to think about the big questions here.

It's no full collection if there's no mention of the Fire Island boys

Will we have dry turkey again? Who’ll share a room with that annoying aunt/uncle/cousin/sibling whose snoring could wake the dead?


And: what will our decorations look like?

This merman is ready to make some magic

If you’re fed up with Scandinavian style – let’s be honest, it’s been around long enough – and don’t want to go down the traditional route, there’s always the option to make it as camp as possible.


If this leaves you stumped, too, we’ve got just the idea: hunky mermen.

Even the CrossFit enthusiasts get their own merman

Apart from probably being one of the ultimate fantasies, they also have a lot of novelty value – and this is coming from the writer who (involuntarily) opened her presents under a Christmas tree decked in pink, blue and green a few years ago.


Produced by a company called Diamonds of the Sea, the hunky guys splash around in all sorts of poses and occupations, with some poking fun at gay stereotypes (we’re looking at you, gym bunnies).

This year's elf on the shelf could look like this

As such, there’s a man for every occasion and taste: from wizards to elves, from fly boys to your classic Fire Island boy.

And, given the year and its event, they also have a guy commemorating the Pulse shooting in Orlando, with a black tail and carrying a broken heart.

Diamonds of the Sea dedicated a limited edition merman to the Orlando victims

So, which one would you pick?