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I’m lovin’ it: McDonalds stands up for trans rights in bathrooms

In the light of Arizona voting against trans rights in bathrooms, a picture guaranteeing those rights in Washington has gone viral

I’m lovin’ it: McDonalds stands up for trans rights in bathrooms

We’re loving McDonalds at the moment as a picture of the fast food chain standing up for trans rights has gone viral.

With over thousands of views and shares on social networking sites like Reddit and Twitter, it shows a Washington unit taking a stand against bigotry.

The manual, which is dated from being released in 2006, reads:

Use of bathroom facilities

We respect the rights of all customers and employees. We believe all people must have access to safe and dignified bathroom facilities regardless of their gender identity or expression. Therefore, the following policy has been adopted for this restaurant at 1530 3rd Avenue.

Employees and customers may use any restroom that corresponds with and is based upon the gender identity they publicly and exclusively assert or express.

We are committed to the principals (sic) of non-discrimination as provided by Washington Law.

Thank you.

Transgender rights have been hitting the headlines in the US, with Arizona lawmakers voting to protect businesses who refuse people to use the bathroom based on their gender identity.

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