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I accidentally outed my younger brother, 16, to our parents

I accidentally outed my younger brother, 16, to our parents

  • Teenage brother shares his screw-up story and what happened next.
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A teenager has shared his story of how he accidentally outed his 16-year-old brother to their parents.

The 19-year-olds mistake was that when his younger brother came out to him, he assumed he was joking.

He posted on Reddit:

‘So a few months ago I  was hanging out with my brother.

‘I was looking through some photos we took on his phone and he was doing something else. Then I came across a photo of some guy, which was taken in his room. And I asked him who he was.

‘He didn’t even look at the phone or stop what he was doing. He just said that it was his boyfriend. I thought he was joking so I just chuckled and said okay.

‘A few months pass and he doesn’t mention anything about it.

‘But three days ago we were hanging out in the living room and our parents were in the kitchen.

‘I jokingly asked how his boyfriend was doing. Our parents heard it, looked at us and asked “a what?!”. They’re not homophobic by the way, they’re supportive, they were just surprised.’

However, his brother got really upset, threw the games controller at him and went to his room.

The older bro says: ‘He refuses to talk to me and just ignores me when I say anything to him.’

‘I baked his favorite cookies’

The first post attracted a bit of criticism for the 19-year-old for not taking the brother seriously when he came out to him. Users also said joking about his bro having a boyfriend was homophobic.

But others were more understanding and urged him to make it up to his brother.

And the teen did the right thing. Over the weekend he went back on Reddit to update his post.

He said: ‘Hey, thanks for all the responses to my last post. Some people asked me to post an update so here it is.

‘I baked his favorite cookies that turned into solid rock for some reason but the idea was there. I slid $20 under his door, talked to him, apologized and we played some video games together.

‘He FaceTimed his boyfriend and I got to talk to him too.

‘So everything’s good between us. :)’

Moreover, he shared that their parents are good too.

He said: ‘They’re handling it great. They talked to him too and told him that they’ll love and support him no matter what.’

As other users responded, that’s how all families should be.