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Former Miss Kentucky comes out: ‘I am queer’

Former Miss Kentucky comes out: ‘I am queer’

A former Miss Kentucky has come out and revealed she is queer.

‘Going back and forth’ with herself for months on whether she should come out, Djuan Trent publicly spoke about her sexual orientation.

Her passion has been really ‘fueled’ by a federal judge, who ordered the state of Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages on Thursday (27 February).

As a child, Trent describes how she couldn’t understand why God made her ‘wrong’.

She said she was scared her family members were going to walk out of her life if she were to admit she is queer.

‘I believe that my sexuality is my own… and this is not kindergarten, so I don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to. But it’s nice when you share, right?,’ Trent said.

The beauty queen said her heart was ‘warmed with overwhelmingly positive and encouraging words’, after she received many messages in support of her coming out.

The state of Kentucky is in a state of panic as the federal judge struck down the decade-old ban on the state recognizing same-sex marriages.

Trent wrote about the ruling: ‘You can imagine the conversation that this ruling has sparked amongst Kentuckians – those to support as well as those who oppose.’

The pageant contestant said she has listened to people talk about the ‘abomination’ of their nation and she was not surprised by people’s reaction.  

The order from US district judge John G Heyburn II said the state’s denial of recognition of same-sex marriages is a violation of the constitutional guarantee to equal protection under law.

The judge has given officials until 20 March to figure out how to implement his ruling.