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I don’t feel male and I don’t feel female, La Roux opens up about her sexuality

I don’t feel male and I don’t feel female, La Roux opens up about her sexuality

British pop star La Roux has opened up about her sexuality, saying she does not identify with any of the LGBT labels.

‘I don’t feel like I belong to any of those. So I’m not going to put myself in that camp, or under that title,’ she said.

‘I don’t feel one thing or the other, I don’t feel man, I don’t feel woman – that’s where the androgyny comes from.

‘I probably feel more feminine than I do masculine… but if people want to hold me up as a gay role model, absolutely, I’m proud to be that, but I don’t feel the need to say that I’m gay to do it.’

The Grammy-award winning singer, famous for her androgynous style, says she is reluctant to talk about her private life in case the paparazzi harass her partners.

‘But the problem is, if I say, ‘‘I’m straight’’ nobody will come around to my house and take a picture of my boyfriend. If I say, ‘‘I’m gay’’ then somebody will come around and try to take a picture of my girlfriend,’ she said.

‘It’s all very well people telling me to be open about it, but it will impact on my life. Why should I have to bear the brunt of what would happen? All I know is that if it’s not something I have any interest or desire to talk about, then that needs to be my only reason.’

In the interview with UK newspaper The Observer (25 May), the singer spoke about songs on her new album which address her sexuality.

‘Of course, because people see the word ‘sexuality’ and think: ‘‘Oh my God you’re gay!’’ But sexuality just means you are a sexual person, and that song’s not about me being: ‘‘Oh no, I’m a lesbian!’’ or anything like that.’

La Roux’s, real name Elly Jackson, sexuality has been speculated about since the start of her career.

In 2010, she spoke to the News of the World about her sexuality. In the same vein as her interview with the Observer, she maintained she does not like to label herself.

‘I don’t have a sexuality. I don’t feel like I’m female or male. I don’t belong to the gay or straight society, if there is such a thing. I feel like I’m capable of falling in love with other people. I’m not saying I’m bisexual, I’m just sexual!’

On Twitter, La Roux shared the picture of British actress Tilda Swinton holding a gay pride rainbow flag in Russia.

La Roux has released Let Me Down Gently from her new album Trouble in Paradise: