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I like my sweets shaken not stirred

I like my sweets shaken not stirred

Think Willy Wonka meets Sex and the City and you’ll understand what’s on offer at the quirky Bon Bon Bar.

Once you enter the intimate setting of the UK's first sweet cocktail bar, you’ll see rows of old-fashioned sweetie jars – cola bottles, liquorice and chupa chups to name but a few. You’ll feel like a giant kid in an alcohol soaked sweet shop, something your dentist might not approve of.

The bartenders really know their sweets and are helpful in their recommendations, however no oompa loompa’s in sight.

You’ll have a chose from a range of nine cocktails to tantalise and tease the taste buds priced at £9 ($14 €10), including two champagne cocktails at £12 ($19 €14).

Pix’n’mix selection ranges from a Gummi Worm with an extra special wormy touch and Lovely Bubbly – a champagne and raspberry liqueur mix topped with a love heart.

A lovely bar with a flamboyant touch, the Bon Bon Bar offers a sweet treat for after work drinks or the start of a night out. With burlesque touches, it’s definitely worth a visit.