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I now refuse to eat brunch without drag queens

I now refuse to eat brunch without drag queens

We’re not even five minutes in, and the drag queen hosting our drag brunch has an offer to go to small UK town Burnley – it can only get better from here.

Quite quickly, host Mary Mac feels the need to describe Grindr to some of the audience. Suddenly this feels unlike any other cabaret show I’ve seen before.

Yes, there might even be straight people here.

But with avocado on everything, drag queens parading around the audience, and bottomless prosecco flowing; It’s a Drag Brunch has all my Saturday requirements.

Ever since the delightful George Simons attended New York’s Drag Brunch scene, he’s had dreams to bring it to London.

And now he has, it has launched in the most spectacular way.

Bringing together old sequin gown styled queens, with the emerging London Lip Sync art drag scene – drag brunches have reached London. 

Chatting to Mary Mac, who is quite the singing legend on the UK drag scene, she tells me before the show how much of a pleasure it is to work with the new drag ‘newbies.’

Part of the RuPaul lip sync fanatics, Mac who would be comparing the show, couldn’t wait to see the young queens in action.

And neither could we. So after we’d noshed down on our Egg’s hollandaise, a whirlwind of a show ensued.

‘I’ve never had that much fun without being arrested’

To describe her as Gemma Collins in drag would be – well maybe nearly accurate. Because when Cheryl Hole came on stage to combine the queer icon Collins’s quotes with a medley of music? I could have died with laughter.

Lip sync usually isn’t my thing, but my gosh did I walk away from this show a converted human.

The beautifully crafted and perfectly timed sound bites from these intense performers were beyond.

I was worried we’d lose pace when an Adele lip-sync got thrown into the mix. Then Adele interview quotes blasted out over when we were young. It shouldn’t have worked, but thank god it did.

When Crystal Lubrikunt came on painted green, it was clear we were going to be treated to a rendtion of defying gravity.

But who knew Wicked could get even more of a ‘middle finger sass’ injection with just one extra clip thrown into the finale:

Mary Mac held the show together with beautiful grace. Telling stories to keep us entertained while the attendants refilled our bottomless glasses, she also managed to remember the names of the eight (EIGHT!) birthdays in the room – Bravo.

But frankly, as always, Mac’s awe is always in her music performance background. So her belters were as always, the perfect companion to the lipsyncing.

When Carol Vorderman met Avril Lavigne

‘Herr’ smashed the sync to Nicole Scherzinger singing Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Variety show. Even managing to emulate the voice of the four men on stage with the Pussycat Doll in class style:

But frankly, splicing Avril Lavigne’s complicated into the best episode of countdown ever.

Well, words would fail to describe that performance every time. It was like Avril Lavigne had seen that epic episode, and written Complicated in response.

Her stole the show, and I will never be able to listen to that song again in the same way.

Thank you.

When I turn to my friend, and RuPaul guru (seriously she know’s more than it’s healthy to know about the show) Alex Adey for a snap judgment – her reply is simple, plain and every so slightly Ab Fab-esque:

‘I’ve never had that much fun without being arrested.’

No brunch can ever top that again

When Mary Mac drew the afternoon to a close it was clear the audience was not only loving it – but appreciated cabaret more than most.

Usually, when I see Mac, it’s on the sticky floor of the Two Brewers. Though the South London haven for gays who love their queens. But here, the room not only appreciates the art form but has fallen head over platform heels for the girls.

‘Medley, medly’ was screamed by the begging audience. Mac obliged, performing her signature 11 minutes and a whole 19 seconds piece. And before we knew it, a standing ovation was rolling across the room.

And there we were, at a mere 2 pm, the day had peaked – there was no topping that.

If you were to ask me, to describe it in a gif I’d have reached for the classic Obama mic drop.

But then Cheryl Hole did the most wonderful thing, that allows me to say so much more about ‘It’s A Drag Brunch.’

It was fierce, daring, and oh so tasty.And that’s how I rate this entire experience:

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