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I saw gay daddy kissing Santa Claus

I saw gay daddy kissing Santa Claus

Santa Claus may not be a hottie to everyone, but am sure there’s plenty of gay men who’d love to steal a kiss from the jolly festive fox.

In this silly Christmas video, one lucky gay daddy finds out if he’s been naughty or nice when he catches Santa making a delivery for his kids.

After the gay parents teach their small children about Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, their two children leave the red-suited big guy a gift of cookies and milk in hope that he will bring them presents for Christmas Day.

However, Santa makes a little too much noise downstairs and wakes the children up.

As they run downstairs to catch him, Santa is not eating cookies alone and they find him kissing their daddy in the living room.

Gay Star News intends to keep up with the cheesy Christmas video uploads and keep readers smiling throughout the season.

Watch the naughty but nice video below: