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Comedian Iain Lee comes out as bisexual

Comedian Iain Lee comes out as bisexual

Iain Lee in the jungle

Radio host and comedian Iain Lee came out as bisexual live on air this week.

The 46-year-old English broadcaster hosts The Late Night Alternative and opened up about a difficult few months.

Lee said he’s currently seeing a therapist, who is helping him come to terms with his depression and breakdown of his marriage.

He also revealed his therapist has helped him realize that he is ‘probably bisexual’.

‘So I guess I’m coming out,’ Lee said. ‘This is me coming out, I suppose is how they would call it.’

He then added: ‘At the age of 46, and I’m terrified by it.’

Iain Lee: ‘The support has been nuts’

Iain Lee, who came third in ITV’s 2017 series of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, then took to Twitter last night (3 July) to confirm the announcement.

‘This week I kind of came out on air as bi and the support has been nuts,’ he tweeted. ‘So like thanks. I’ll probably delete this tweet as I still feel embarrassed and ashamed and weird but I’m working on it.’

In response to the tweet, one person tweeted: ‘Never be ashamed of who you are Ian. You’ve done the hard bit’.

Another responded: ‘Don’t feel ashamed. I’m bi too and while some people I know don’t support it, I’ve realized that they’re the people who are wrong, not me.

‘You are normal and you should be proud of who you are. Good people will support you, anyone who hates on you doesn’t deserve your time,’ they then tweeted.

But Iain Lee received some backlash to the tweet.

He quote-tweeted a Twitter user who claimed Lee was just doing it for ‘attention’ and it was a ‘publicity stunt’.

Lee responded: ‘That’s why this morning I turned down three TV shows who wanted to interview me about it.’

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