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Ian Thorpe used to promote ‘closet’ gay club

Ian Thorpe used to promote ‘closet’ gay club

A photo of Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe is being used to promote a Melbourne ‘closet’ gay dance party.

The promotional poster for the ‘Closet Party’ features a black and white image of the swimmer above a slogan saying it is ‘for homosexuals and those who love them.’

Thorpe has repeatedly denied being gay, and has previously called the rumors ‘hurtful’.

David McCarthy, the president of Melbourne’s gay radio station Joy 94.9, said the poster was making fun of a serious issue.

‘This sort of stuff is just a gutless attack and they are just trying to generate some publicity which unfortunately that’s what they are doing. I think they should be ashamed of themselves,’ he said.

In response, Closet Party responded by saying the posters are nothing more than a light ‘tongue-in-cheek homage to celebrities much loved (and occasionally talked about) by the gay community’.

‘We don’t judge the decision to be out, or be closeted,’ they said. ‘If a celebrity isn’t gay, but they are a gay icon – who cares? Wear it like Madonna, and be flattered by your same-sex admirers.’

On the Closet Party Facebook page, it asks people to nominate their ‘fav rumored to be gay celebrity’ in return for free tickets.