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WATCH: This short film about trans people will warm your heart

WATCH: This short film about trans people will warm your heart

Trans activists Fox Fisher and Owl have brought smiles to our faces again with their latest short film.

Like You takes place in remote northern Iceland.

It follows as two strangers meet and begin to connect.

They soon realize they have ‘a lot more in common than previously assumed.’

Fox and Owl explain to GSN: ‘We were in Iceland visiting Owl’s parents at their farm around summer time.’

The farm shown in the film is Owl’s parents farm.

They continued: ‘We thought it would be a great idea to utilize what was around us.’

The couple set themselves a ’48 hour film challenge’ and managed to do exactly that.

The trans activists made the film successfully in 48 hours.

Fox and Owl said: ‘We guess the message is that trans people exist everywhere, in all places, countries and realms.’

‘Trans representation in film is really important and we need more trans films out there that show us living in this world.

‘Often films are made about us without us and we think it’s important that we’re always a part of any production about trans issues. Nothing about us without us,’  they said.

Fox and Owl commented they were ‘really spoiled with the light and scenery’ while filming.

You can see this from the film. The scenery and natural lighting are truly beautiful.

They’ve said they would love to make more short films in norther Iceland ‘and give ourselves proper time to make them.’

Maki Yamasaki created the musical score for the piece. This meant the entire production team of three were non-binary.

Watch the cute piece below