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Iceman enjoys first gay one-night-stand in the comics and it’s hot AF

Iceman enjoys first gay one-night-stand in the comics and it’s hot AF

Iceman has his first one night stand in the comics

Iceman is living his best gay life in the comics. And right now, it’s steaming up.

Bobby Drake, in the latest issue of X-Men Gold, has sex with Simon Lasker.

If you don’t know Simon, he is Pyro. (Yes, two characters called Iceman and Pyro are getting together).

In the comics, Simon was brainwashed to fight for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Now back to normal, he’s fighting with the X-Men.

Simon and Bobby hook up in the latter’s hotel room after a wedding.

While we don’t know whether Iceman and Pyro will keep hooking up, we’ll find out shortly.

Fans reacted very well to the scene.

One said: ‘This Pyro/Iceman development in the new X-Men Gold would have given teenage me a heart attack.’

Another said: ‘Wow all of my childhood fantasies from the first X-Men film are coming true.’

And another joked: ‘Clearly, it’s time for A Porn of Ice and Fire.’

Marvel has revived gay solo superhero series Iceman for a new run.

The series will be written by gay creator Sina Grace, who helmed Bobby Drake’s last solo arc. He will be joined by artist Nathan Stockman, a new addition to the series.

Marvel Comics canceled the last solo series for Iceman, which ran for 2017-2018, blaming low sales.

So it was a surprise to see the return of the gay mutant.

Iceman had a gay kiss in original solo run

In the original run, Iceman had his first long-awaited gay kiss.

It involved the younger time-displaced Bobby meeting his first boyfriend, Romeo.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 16.32.13

But both are a little too unsure of whether to go for the kiss.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 16.32.32

But did Bobby get his kiss at the end of the most latest issue? Of course he did.


X-Men Gold #32 is released on Wednesday (18 July). Pre-orders for the new Iceman #1 are open now.

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