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Iceman finally gets his first gay kiss in new X-men issue

Iceman finally gets his first gay kiss in new X-men issue

Iceman finally gets a gay kiss after 54 years of waiting

Iceman has had his long-awaited first gay kiss since coming out in the X-Men universe.

The younger time-displaced Bobby Drake met his first boyfriend, Romeo, back in All-New X-Men #13. Four issues later, we finally see the superhero get his moment.

It begins with Inhuman Romeo and X-Man Iceman on one of their first dates.

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But both are a little too unsure of whether to go for the kiss.

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Unfortunately for Bobby, it turns out the main storyline – the ongoing fight between X-Men and Inhumans – needs his attention.

Writer Dennis Hopeless is setting up a Shakespearean romance with star-crossed lovers from the two warring houses of mutants and Inhumans, like Romeo and Juliet, according to iO9.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out exactly like Romeo and Juliet.

His older self, the Iceman we’ve seen for the past few decades, is still dealing with coming out and will be the center of his own comic series in April.

It will mark the first time Marvel releases a comic book series with a gay lead.

But did Bobby get his kiss at the end of the most latest issue? Of course he did.


All-New X-Men #17 is available from the official Marvel store here.