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Iceman goes to a gay bar in the latest X-Men issue

Iceman goes to a gay bar in the latest X-Men issue

Iceman could be getting a boyfriend in X-Men comics

Will a same-sex romance come to bridge the gap between two warring factions of the X-Men universe?

Iceman, aka Bobby Drake, looks like he could be getting his first boyfriend after coming out as gay last year.

Joining teammates Oya and Genesis to a gay bar in the new issue of All-New X-Men 13, Drake screws up at first when he ices up and runners the bar out of shame.


But he bumps into a very cute guy on the way out.


Like all comic books, it’s not all burgeoning teen romances. A monster gets on the loose, and Romeo is revealed to be an Inhuman – a race of humans experimented on and given strange powers. Mutants, like Bobby, evolved the powers naturally.


But after the fight’s all over, Bobby gets the guy’s name – and his digits.


Writer Dennis Hopeless is setting up a Shakespearean romance with star-crossed lovers from the two warring houses of mutants and Inhumans, like Romeo and Juliet, according to iO9.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out exactly like Romeo and Juliet.


All New X-Men 13 is out now online and in stores.